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Cut your energy bills with our wide range

of solar products & services.  

Our energy saving products offer many benefits for your home, wallet & environment.

Renewable & Sustainable Energy

Energy Independence

Reduced Energy Bills

Renewable Energy Finance

Environmentally Friendly

Remote Monitoring

Low Maintenance

Climate Resilience

Increases Property Value

Long System Lifespan

We provide affordable solar packages made from high-quality materials. Our reliable installations guarantee a long-lasting and eco-friendly source of renewable energy,

aligning with your environmental commitments.

Rooftop Solar PV

We focus entirely on top-quality products and reliable installations. Our solar panels are unmatched in quality, ensuring a dependable and long-lasting source of renewable energy.

LED Light Upgrade

Cutting your electricity bill is easy by switching to energy-efficient LED lights. Clear Cut Solar can upgrade all your lighting for just a one-time $33 admin charge, instantly reducing your energy costs.

Battery Storage

Choose from our variety of AC coupled, DC coupled, and Hybrid PV battery solutions. Alternatively, get your solar system ready today with a Hybrid PV inverter, and add a battery later when needed.

Roof Restoration

Our team can revitalise your tired & worn out roof. Including tile replacement, ridge capping, cleaning, waterproofing & complete restoration. Prep your roof for a new solar system!

Our trusted solar partners


Solar has never been more affordable with payment plans available across our range of products.

$0 Upfront Costs

Affordable Monthly Installments

Same Great Quality

Same Great Service

Save As You Pay

Multiple Provider Options

Each plan is built to serve your financial needs.

Inquire about our 60 month,

84 month or 120 month

solar energy plans today!

Our plans start at just $10 a week.

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Contact us today for your FREE proposal!

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